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Offer scientific-decision-making organizations a flexible engagement of big data and analytic outsourcing services that meet their specific business needs through quality, speed and value in an team working environment.

North America based big data and analytic outsourcing firm which dedicates to resolve talent gap through skill sharing, contingent work, and innovative solutions in a collaborative environment. The company treats employees with dignity and respect and also recognizes good working attitudes and habits.

Our result driven approach embeds Insight Led Analytic capability into organizations in a cost-effective and flexible way, via implementation of our advanced customer data analytics and Insight deployment expertise, leading our clients to an enhanced understanding of business and improved financial performance.

Education was the first strategic priority when ARC was established in year 2012. Today Education is still on the top list and will not be changed any time soon. Like most of other consulting firms, ARC is facing the issue of data analyst shortage. Finding quality data analysts has never been an easy task. After years of efforts and internal funding, ARC built a world-class education system based on a leading-edge Big Data Online Lab. Thanks for this system, ARC is able to supply superior data analysts to itself and its clients. More than that, ARC’s leading-edge Big Data Online Lab helped North America Universities develop Master of Analytics programs with real world hands on experiences. It is also an ideal platform for various big data competitions.
In ARC, we value analysts more than ever. Our belief is simple: quality of data analysts is a critical component of building analytical capacity in any organizations. Due to rapid increasing costs of hiring a good analyst, organizations, no matter small or big, are all facing challenges of gaining value from big data investment through data analysis. Outsourcing basic or advanced analytical works to qualified firms is becoming a strategic consideration. As a North America outsourcing firm, ARC possess geographic convenience, insight consulting experiencesoutsourcing management capacity, and years of reputation. Working with ARC to build organizations’ analytic capacity is risk-free and cost-efficient choice.
To develop an innovative data analytic solution, you need a few data scientists who possess advanced data mining skills such as Regression, Bayesian, Causality, Optimization, Simulation, Neural Network skills and so on so forth. It is merely impossible that one individual analyst will satisfy your analytical needs all at once. Most innovative projects only need data scientists to conquer a few important challenges for fairly short time period. Your internal team then can carry on the rest of works. Why try to find someone barely existed? You can delegate the most difficult part of the project to ARC and treat us as your extended team

ARC’s Areas of Expertise

Data Warehouse Architecture & Data Integration
In ARC, we understand how data warehouse architecture contributes to the efficiency of big data analytic, based on our decade years of data analytic experiences. Our designers carry 10+ years’ working experiences on Data Warehouse Architecture, Master Data and Metadata Management, Data Integration & Quality Implementation. They will collaboratively work with our clients to help them increase value of data, reduce cost of data, increase organizational visibility and satisfy larger scope of day to day decision making.

Data Analytics
With decade years of analytic experiences, ARC provides clients full range of data analytical services, including Structured and Unstructured Data Processing, Campaign Execution, Business Performance Measurement, Customer Segmentation Design and CRM Analysis, Marketing Mix Optimization and Strategic Insight Analysis. Understanding our clients’ facing rapidly increased challenges from big data, ARC’s professionals strive to keep trace and provide our clients the world-class quality of services, helping them build integrated insight platform, increase advanced customer analytic capacity and improve financial return.

Data & Analytics Outsourcing
We provide data & analytic contractor services for businesses large and small, Canada and US, various lengths of commitment.

  • Fast placement

  • Quality data analysts

  • Customizable process

  • Flexible commitment

  • Proven financial improvement

  • Good communication

Why Choose Us

Clients are satisfied by qualities of analysts from ARC. Analysts successfully pass ARC’s world-leading data and analytic professional training program before they work for our clients. ARC’s analysts share some common aptitudes that are valued by employers. They are technical ready, result driven and good at communication. With a deep understanding how data & analytic works, ARC’s analysts deliver terrific results and exceed clients’ expectations.

What Client’s Say

Thanks for placing an analyst in just 3 days after notice, so far, we are very happy with ARC’s analysts.
VP , Canadian Non-profit Organization
You guys have done much better job than most business already by providing big data lab to my class. Thank you very much!
Professor, Business School
It was nice working with ARC who helped us fill analyst positions in speed and quality. We also had good experiences working with some of formal ARC employees, all of them are good data analysts.
Senior manager, Fashion Retailer

ARC Big Data Platform for Education

The 1st publicly available enterprise-level big data platform for education, supported by data analytic software companies such as SAS.

Big data and technologies for learning

The platform provides an enterprise big data working environment including 3 transactional databases on grocery, fashion and electronics retailing, plus a selection of analytic software such as SAS, SQL, Tableau etc., for training and education.

MBA Training

ARC provides big data & technology support to MBA programs globally and helps Universities build up data analytic related graduate program.


In ARC, we believe that well educated MBA students with solid skills of big data and analytics can optimize the way doing business in next generation. It is our mandate to help Universities provide hands on courses so that students will gain real experiences.

ARC Branded Internship Program

An internship program with 4 year history that earned ARC a high reputation on training & supplying quality junior data analysts.


Good data analysts are trained to have both right techniques and right attitudes. Within 2-3 months, interns gain hands on experiences of data processing, quality assurance and insight analysis using various analytic tools such as SAS, plus a service mindset.

Skill Share and E-Learning

The 1st database platform with real big data that professionals can share advanced skills with each other and support themselves life time learning.


When industry is growing, data analytic professionals are desperately looking for learning from each others. ARC Big Data Platform provides opportunities that experienced professionals can share their skills on a trusted site meanwhile provide trainings.

Data Analytic Exam & Certification

ARC works with partners to develop curriculums, training, examining and certificating analytic professions such as Fraud, Collection and AML.


Collaborated with big organizations and education investors, ARC works with partners and develops certification training programs specifically for partner organizations. The certification programs dramatically improve talent recruitment efficiencies.

Analytic Software Trail & Training

ARC works with software companies and provides a reliable public big data platform for end users to traill new products and share experiences.


A new product of analytic software needs to be accepted by data analysts to become popular in the market. Software companies can use ARC big data platform to publish trial version of new products and allow end users to share their experiences.

ARC is the funder of ARCFAIR.COM - An online big data education platform.

Yes that’s right, we’ve added over 100 new training courses! New ways to earn $ by sharing skills, and participating in new software trail!

3-stage analytic engine to develop personalized marketing offers for multiple  objectives, contributing millions of dollars profit.

Customer loyalty is defined in a scientific equation through mining shoppers’ behaviors, which helps develop actionable loyalty KPIs.

Pricing elasticity model based on joint probability statistical model to capture impact of product pricing on whole category sales.